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                                  We're glad you're here!                                             Look around a bit and find time to CrEaTe!!!

CrEaTe is a teaching pottery studio located at 121 N. Center St, Suite 201, in Historic Downtown Statesville, NC!

Offering classes, workshops and special events in all the ways to make pottery for Adults, Kids 8 and up and Families!

 Please Note:
When you "step in" to CrEaTe, you will need to "step up" 24 times.  The access to our second floor location is by stairway only.  Reach out to us if this makes pottery inaccessible to you and we will discuss other options.

Abstract Pattern 25

Disclaimer:  Clay is a fragile medium.  It cracks, warps, breaks and at times explodes in the kiln.  While we will try our very best, we cannot guarantee that every project will make it through the entire process flawlessly.

questions? send us a message! 

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Contact Us

(704) 437 - 4971  •

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