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Open Studio

For students who have attended at least one class at CrEaTe or who have previous experience in pottery!!  Come into the studio and work on your own projects at your own pace!! Studio staff will be in the studio but not available for instruction.  Open Studio is a time for folks to work independently, ages 16 and up.

Here's what you get:  Use of the pottery wheels, slab roller, work space, clay tools and glazes.

Here's what you need to do:  Return all equipment and materials to their proper location and leave your work area better than you found it.  Purchase clay from the studio and pay designated firing fees for individual pottery made during Open Studio time.  Be respectful of the studio and of others working in it.  

Here's how you sign up:  Reserve your spot online and sign in/sign out in the studio.  If you are not a student at Create, please contact us to discuss your pottery skills prior to registering.  Open Studio time will be paid at the end of each sessioon.

Open Studio Fee is only $7 per hour !!!

Open Studio is available Wednesdays from 2-5 most weeks.  Saturday Open Studio times are scheduled as staff is available.  Please check the calendar for available times.

We know the joy pottery brings and how much fun it is to play in clay, so we've made it affordable to have more time creating!

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